If a grant application is approved by the Joe M. and Doris R. Dealey Family Foundation, reporting will be required.  Everything should be submitted digitally.  Dropbox links will be provided if requested for large files.

The Interim Report

For grants $10,000 and over, an interim report will be due to the Foundation six months from the date of the grant.

An Interim Report is required for grants $10,000 and over with applicable timelines and/or grants restricted to a specific fund, program, or purpose. This report should be generated six months into the project, focusing on the timeline with an initial evaluation of the status of the project. Generally, this report is one to two pages in length.

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Multi-Year Grant Reports

Multi-year grants require an annual report for each 12-month period.  Specific details should be given annually about how money to date has been spent, plans for the next year, if there have been any deviations from the original timeline, etc. A final report (see below) is due at the end of the project.

Final Report

A final report is required upon completion of the project. Without a final report, a grantee may not receive future funding. The Foundation may also request that a formal in-person final report be presented to the full board.

The final report is due 12 months from the date of the contract (unless it is a multi-year grant) and should include a two to three-page report on the impact of the project on the organization and the community it serves. Please include any relevant press the project received along with photos or videos. A final statement of income and expense for this project should also be submitted at this time.

Submit a Report

If you have already proceeded through the grant process, your proposal has been accepted, grant funds have been received and put to use, then it is time to submit a report.