Formal proposals should be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on August 1. Do not submit a proposal unless your Letter of Inquiry (LOI) has been approved.

For your proposal, please fill out the proposal form below and submit one pdf file containing the following information:

  • A cover letter signed by the chief executive officer and/or board chairman that summarizes your organization, the amount being requested, and how the funding, if granted, will be utilized. This cover letter should appear first.
  • Most recent copy of the IRS determination letter which grants the organization federal tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Most recent financial statements (audited, if any)
  • Most recent copy of the 990 IRS information return
  • Brief history of organization seeking support
  • Statement of goals and purposes, mission and vision of organization
  • Annual operating budget of the organization
  • Brief biographies of key personnel for proposed project
  • List of board of directors and officers of the organization
  • Current strategic plan or long-range plan
  • Dollar amount requested for project.  This number should be the same as the LOI.
  • Detailed description of the project
  • Anticipated project budget
  • Timeline of work needed to complete the project (start to finish)
  • If the funding request is not for the entire amount needed for the project, a plan should be included describing how the project will be completed if no additional funding for the project is secured
  • A plan organization intends to measure the outcomes or success of the project
  • A table of contents, while not required, is appreciated.

You may only submit a grant proposal if your letter of intent was approved. If your letter of intent was approved, enter the approval code provided at the bottom of the email titled "Your Dealey Family Foundation Letter of Intent was approved". If you received the email but it did not include a code, please contact us immediately.